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There is fierce competition in hotel distribution Google will be the winner?

Date: 2018-12-13

In the hospitality industry is the ideal situation, the tourists to lodging for the night can come to the hotel directly -- just walked into the lobby, 1 ‐ 800 calls or visits.It is the most cost savings for the hotel reception guests and convenient way.But in the past 20 years, the comparative shopping, reliable reviews and lower management cost, the agency has succeeded in regulating the balance between the hotel and tourists.

Because of this, the customer's schedule is becoming more and more complex, and because of tourists think that they can find a better hotel or a more favorable price, so before finalize the booking of the rooms will be dozens of web search and research.

But if in almost all visitors to the preliminary research of channels at one end there is a new tool, this new tool in addition to flow, the most important guests booking and data sent directly to the hotel, can provide the same benefits as the OTA?

If it's really have this kind of tool, it can not only recover the hotel's income and the convenience, also can eliminate the waste of time, energy, and search, in order to ensure appropriate hotel reservation at a right price.

After entering Google Travel, no need to waste of space to store the number of people using Google in tourism planning and research phase statistics.People already know this because you are began to travel search in Google.And you open the site search first content may appear on your home page.Although OTA in keeping with the customer, and hotel owners also scrambling to display as many products as possible, but Google clearly has the potential to be the final winner.

Like Netflix on TV and in the same way as in the amazon for retail, Google thinks he will revolutionize and change the way tourists booking hotel rooms.

Google began to tilt on strategy

Google is currently in tourism efforts are nothing new.Since 2006, Google has been committed to provide the reasonable search results, offers visitors for wise correct decision the key information needed to travel.

Around 2010, Google executives realize that they can be at the top of the channels to monetize positioning, and start creating AD products, so that the hotel and OTA pay for a higher position.Until recently, Google to tourists booking path to promote progress has been slow but reasonable.After all, the company can't afford to let visitors around their biggest advertisers: OTA.

Now obviously Google may be the final victory.In the past 18 months, the search giant from hotel digital marketing media has become the main operators in the field of hotel loyalty and distribution.The measures taken recently are as follows:

Promote development "flight + hotel products"

To Google users with additional hotel discount One

Mobile phone special hotel pricing tracker

Strengthen the "Book on Google" features and capabilities

Launch can highlight the new Google Maps hotel search function of trading

To track flight prices announced collection and hotel research functions such as "Your Trip"

On the desktop and mobile devices to design more modern hotel search experience

Who is the last winner?

Room adjustment of distribution from the perspective of hotel owners, but it is more important to from the perspective of tourists

The process of making reservation often tedious, there are a lot of choice, websites and package package, so visitors never satisfied with the best available deal said.

Capable of guestrooms distribution customers in providing personalized experience, reduce clutter, so that the user is satisfied with the aspect also has the very big development space.

Google has data, click the button to help visitors make a decision, and has won the trust of a large number of users.When all the dust settles, it is no wonder that Google won the final victory.

Recently, in fact, the first large chain hotels, boutique hotels international announced that it will participate in Google new features, "Book" on Google, tourists can be done without leaving search site reservation, other major hotel chains will also soon to follow this practice.

If the hotel can close the income gap, Google may tend to return to its original mission: provide the best possible experience for visitors, not to make money the most experience.

As a result, Google has the ability to simplify the customer the whole trip.They have mastered all the data in the world, to determine what visitors are looking for, and help them to find the right from the start of the hotel.Google directly and store their loyalty and guest preference hotel cooperation, can according to the supply and demand situation in the hotel and a variety of factors such as customer value, for each visitor to provide customized personalized and preferential price.

Google is the biggest threat to the OTA has, of course, they should be worried.Google, on the other hand, the hotel has become the most important direct booking channels, and have the opportunity to return to the channel between.