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Foreign tourists visit to Japan last year spent a record Chinese tourists accounted for a third

Date: 2019-01-20

On January 16, 2019, the Japan tourism agency released statistics show that in 2018, foreign tourists to Japan, consumption estimate of 4.5064 trillion yen (RMB 280 billion), a record high.Among them, the tourists from mainland China, spending the most, up to 1.537 trillion yen (RMB 95.167 billion), accounting for 34.1% of the total amount.

Visit to Japan in 2018 to 31.19 million the number of foreign tourists, triple than it was five years ago.Among them, the tourists from mainland China, 8.38 million, up 13.9% from a year earlier, hit the 8 million mark for the first time.

Represented by Chinese tourists the Asian tourists become the absolute main force in the foreign tourists visit to Japan.Japanese media that, thanks to Japan's visa policy relaxation effect, and on January 4, 2019, the Japanese again eased visa policy for Chinese tourists.

In addition to Chinese tourists, visitors from Asia, Thailand also reached 1.13 million, hit the 1 million mark for the first time.Vietnam's visit tourists also rose as high as 26%.

In terms of total consumption, Asian tourists also doing well.Total consumption in China mainland tourists is a south Korean tourist, after spending up to 584.2 billion yen, tourists from Taiwan are also consumption ability is stronger, spending up to 583.9 billion yen.

In terms of per capita consumption, Australian tourists with per capita consumption of 242050 yen ranked first, the Chinese mainland visitors per capita consumption of 223640 yen (RMB 13847), ranking fourth.

Big Japanese travel agency JTB forecast that foreigners will visit to Japan hit a record high in 2019, 35.5 million people, are expected to increase 12.3% than in 2018.Goal, according to Japanese government in 2020, foreign tourists visit to Japan will amount to 40 million, consumption will reach 8 trillion yen.