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Date: 2019-06-14

Impression that the word "China service" should be from 2010, and become the New Year."China service" after China's tourism industry experts and scholars put forward, with "made in China" has become China's industrial revitalization and fly wings.Can say, "China service" has become a national strategic level height.

Hotel industry as an important support of tourism industry, advocacy and practice of "China service" is necessary, so what is a "China service" in the hospitality industry?I believe that every man's "China service" each are not identical, each have each point of view.The author in the eyes of "China service" is the "heart services".

The development of Chinese modern hotel industry for 40 years, adhering to the industry norm operation, has made remarkable achievements.China hotel industry from the start introducing foreign brand, stealing, to now sui generis: China flow hotel service.Especially the rise of national hotel brand and promotion to the promotion of "China service" enormous influence.Service you can provide the Chinese classical culture element, in particular to touches the heart of the guest.The essence of the "heart services" is through a series of careful operation, to impress the guests, then touched the guest, continuous keep guests, guests into loyal repeat customers.

"China service" in the hospitality industry with the rites. University of the Chinese traditional literature in six words to express, is: honesty and, in form and outside.Honesty and in: honesty is a kind of attitude, is a concept;Form and outside: form is ceremony, is outside the service mode

A.The honesty

Hotel service pay attention to sincere hospitality, but honesty is can't see, touch less than, but can feel and experience.

Sorching summer, in the hotel a sweet smile.A welcome fall buckwheat tea heat;A freezing cold towel;A piece of shade for car hood;Winter snow for vehicle provides a quick snow removal services;Rooms in carefully selected for you clean the area where the good fine fruit;Be full of local characteristics of small gift;Open beds provided good night DIY yogurt and cookies;Employees fill out by hand warmth cue CARDS;General manager of signature carefully search, the guests information exclusive welcome letter;Bedside table to hotel VIP photos, and also the topic orz poetry;Dining in to provide you with suitable for your taste and healthy food;To chill cold guests with ginger soup;For lumbar bad guests provide the seat back cushion;Traditional festivals provide free holiday food, and so on.Hotel can take this more than the conventional process of intimate service, mostly traditional Chinese or local brand hotel, this is also the guest honestly and in a form.

Honesty and the core concept should be urgent guest is urgent, did not think of to the guest, with customers sincere heart rendezvous and collision, with soft heart to serve our guests touches.

B.Form and outside

"China service" in the hospitality industry and one of the biggest bright spot is that the "ceremony", also is the literal meaning of "form and outside".China since ancient times is formal state, "rites" is specially recorded many of the pre-qin Confucian ritual.

Hotel industry is very importance to etiquette, grooming, this is the must step into the hotel industry."China service" in the hospitality industry on the basis of this, further into the Chinese element, make them look more plentiful, more beautiful, more intimate.

Hotel in the hanfu culture has been on the rise, the hanfu, han li, Chinese traditional element such as han dynasty wedding is blended in among them.Last year, d chestwood hotel in kunming to industry BBS party, feel the hanfu, xing han welcome tea in the form of a gift.In the catering banquet serving show this link, the Chinese service form of performance incisively and vividly.Report to meet princess carried on the Inner Mongolia grassland bake complete sheep married ceremony;Wuhan hotel banquet of king zhuang of chu's house on obtaining subject serving show;D chestwood hotel in kunming "no ask seton hall" theme party in d officer. D in night ceremony;Kunshan jinling hotel have jiangnan most have is kunshan theme party, etc., give a person the sense feast for the eyes everywhere, as if through time, to an unforgettable memory.

In addition, the theme of the hotel industry tea is also a carrier of the "China service".The author has experienced the kunqu opera theme of kunshan jinling hotel tea, jiangnan water theme tea, amorous feelings of the republic of tea;D chestwood hotel in kunming arms drill hall one hundred tea, old memories in kunming theme tea, flowers full chestwood theme tea;Wuhan hotel three topics: grass boat borrow arrow tea;Old man mouth theme: jiang old tea;Cherry blossom theme: the charm of wuhan tea and so on.The more local brand hotel, about Chinese culture and local culture to dig deeper, the more likely it is to service in China form the outer expression of the more interesting, to participate in the experience of the guests leave the more impressive.There is no denying the fact that as we age, the more easy to nostalgia, the more of China's traditional things seriously, this also gives the hotel industry to organic blend in the elements of Chinese traditional culture provides the opportunity.Further, also is building China's service, develop service opportunities in China.

In short, China's service in the process of advance, not only will raise, but skyer.China's service to high starting point, high pretend bility.Service exquisite French food service, English, Russian, American service and so on, these are all routine services, and "China service" to standardize the process in the hospitality industry, on the basis of further sublimation, should go skyer heart card, use the service to touch the hearts of guests, flipping the profound memory, must go with the guests, to make the "China service" like Chinese power station in the top of the world.